• Howard C., Salem, Oregon

    First, let me say that your phone service is excellent and your confidence in the Paintshaver Pro is well placed. The unit arrived on time and I reviewed the instructions and spent some time looking closely at the design of the shaving head. I made some initial adjustments the depth of the blades and the header bolt.The 13 amp model starts gently to avoid shock but feels very powerful while running. In my initial 2.5 hours from box to set up, nail setting, removing various obstacles such as house holder, vacuum set up and sanding, I removed 40 sq. ft. of painted surface.This may be the single best tool I have ever purchased for removing paint from stationary flat surfaces. Did i mention this home was built in 1926 and the paint was thick.Honestly, with a little patience and understanding of how it works and using reasonable pressure with a consistent method the results were fantastic.Nothing else compares; nothing.Thank you so much.

  • Ken, Indiana

    My father in law and I started stripping paint from our house built in 1921. After only getting about 200 Sq ft done in 3 days, working about 4 hours per day with heat guns and scrapers, I decided to purchase the paint shaver. It arrived FAST, and before I could get home from work, my father in law already had done twice what we accomplished before! He couldn’t believe how fast it took off 6 layers of paint! After fighting to use the paint shaver, I too discovered after 5 minutes of use, how easy it is to use, and fast, fast, fast! Love your product and will definitely be singing it’s praises for years to come. Thank you!

  • Grovom Painting, Helena, Montana

    We have been restoring mansions and stripping homes for years. We had used numerous chemical strippers, heat guns, carbide scrapers, sanders, and angle grinders, etc. Having pride in staying ahead of the competition, we eagerly ordered the 13 Amp Paintshaver Pro. UNBELIEVABLE!!! One guy stripped half of a house in one day, something that would have taken us nearly 2 weeks of agony. Our customer is absolutely thrilled and we are overjoyed; the Paintshaver put us ahead of schedule…may even go fishing this weekend!

  • David V., Rhode Island

    Unbelievable! The Paint Shaver is the greatest painting tool of all time.  I was a little worried because leading up to my purchase I had read comments on a painting forum, and some people thought it was hard to control. Not at all, by the third clapboard I had my groove and started flying.  I’m easily preparing a square foot in ten seconds.  I followed up with an orbital sander and the wood looks brand new. Thank you to all involved with the creation of this product.  Awesome!

  • Norman G. Beaufort, NC

    I have owned the Paintshaver for over three years.  I have completely shaved and sanded my entire house and garage. Professional painters in this area are amazed by this product.  I know for a fact two other people have purchased the Paintshaver from you as a result of my testimonials about this product.  It is the bomb! Does the best job you could imagine and I am not a painter.  IMO, it’s the best product on the market for home restoration, and from what I’m told, its the best product for boat work, as well. Have a great day!

  • From a reviewer on Amazon.com

    I now have a Paintshaver Pro, and it is a far superior machine to the Metabo.  Another reviewer noted that the Metabo gets closer into corners than the Paint Shaver, but that has been resolved with the Pro model.  Not only does the Paintshaver remove paint faster than the Metabo, but the blades for removing paint from the edges of lap siding are actually adjustable in depth and they work.  I paid almost twice as much for the Paint Shaver Pro as the Metabo, but it was well worth the investment. Sorry Amazon, I love ya, but I cannot recommend the Metabo when a better tool is available elsewhere.

  • Ed G., Virginia

    Thank you for the use of your amazing Marine Shaver Pro.  What a wonderful tool! I stripped the gelcoat off the bottom of my 36 year old Pearson 26 Sailboat in one day except for under the jackstands which I removed in a couple of hours the following day. Renting your tool was a bargain compared with what it would have cost for me to have the gelcoat professionally removed.  Although I had the boat stored on top of a tarp and had tented the work area, your Marine Shaver Pro attached to my Shop Vac allowed less than a cup of chips and dust to escape.  Compared to the mess belt sanding would have created, it was a joy to use; not to mention it’s light weight compared to trying to heft a heavy belt sander over my head for hours at a time! Several people at the boatyard stopped by while I was working, including boat yard employees, and asked for information on the Marine Shaver Pro which I’ve downloaded to provide to them.  I highly recommend your Marine Shaver Pro

  • Mike, New Poltz, NY

    I am a professional painter and have stripped 5 average size houses so far….I purchased 1 year ago, the machine does a fantastic job of removing paint safely and quickly.  Attach to a shop vac with an internal dust bag and filter and work all day with very little clean up.  Definitely a good purchase.

  • Richard W.  Mentor, OH

    Unbelievably fast and clean. It took a little getting used to using it, but I mastered it quickly. It makes my job easier and faster. I’m glad I got the Paint Shaver and the Sanding Kit.

  • Joe D, Montgomery AL

    The Paintshaver Pro was an excellent choice for me.  I am restoring my home built in 1911.  It was covered with vinyl siding for 30 years and all the old paint needed to come off in order to restore the clapboard siding.  I could not get professional painters to give me an estimate so I purchased a Paintshaver Pro and stripped the house myself.  I logged the hours it took to strip roughly 7000 square feet of exterior and it amazingly took only 124 hours to do the job.  And, productivity was hampered by the fact that my 2-story home has 63 windows that had to be worked around. The Paintshaver Pro is a great tool!

  • Babcock Painting Company, Charlotte NC

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you?  I have been heat stripping houses for three years, and recently purchased a Paint Shaver.  I wish I had the last three years of my life back.  This is the greatest machine (note I said machine) that I have ever seen. My job time has been cut by 75%. I cleaned a 36 foot by 12 ft side of a house, trim, clap and window trim, to bare wood in 6 hours.  I have also told every painter I know about this machine.  I thought about keeping it to myself but it is such a blessing I can’t keep it to myself.  Once again, thank you for such a magnificent machine.

  • Tim L, Buffalo NY

    We received the Paintshaver Pro by post last week and even while working full time, we’ve already removed the paint from half our vintage home.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and wanted to share that the Paintshaver Pro is an excellent value.

  • Krist P, Kenosha, WI

    After nearly burning down our 100 year old home using a heat gun to strip paint, we purchased a Paintshaver Pro.  In about 4 hours time, we had stripped and sanded nearly twice the area we had done with the heat guns, and did so with far better results.  This machine pays for itself in saved time in less than one day on the job.  Do not waste your time or money on other paint removal products, start right here!!!

  • Timothy B, Savannah, GA

    We were trying to work on a 100 year old house in downtown Savannah Ga.  We tried everything, after three days we were still on the front porch.  Across the street there was another house being worked on.  I asked the owner what he did.  He showed me your product (The Paintshaver), then let me use it for the week.  We finished the front in two hours and stripped the side of the house in no time. You make an outstanding product.  I will recommend it to anyone.

  • Julie L., Connecticut

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the Paintshaver!! We were so happy to receive it the next day after payment and my husband stripped most of our house in one weekend.  We had tried everything possible to strip paint before we saw this advertised in the back of This Old House Magazine. I wish we had this 3 years ago when we bought our 1890 Victorian home with about 10 layers of peeling paint.  I have been recommending this tool to everyone I know and I think our children’s doctor may purchase one, I spoke so highly of it. Thanks again! Julie

  • Andy B.  Nazareth, PA

    YOWZA!!!!! Within a few minutes I had more siding sanded then I did after several HOURS of doing it by hand! The Paint Shaver Pro is incredible. No Dust, little cleanup, and FAST! The design is very well executed and easy to use. I am impressed and very pleased. Thank you for bringing such a useful product to Market.

  • Jeffrey S. Wichita, KS

    I have been using my year-old Paint Shaver again recently to remove multiple layers of paint from an 85 year old clapboard bungalow. I am still amazed at how well it works. It makes short work of a very unpleasant job, and saves me so much time and effort………This is an excellent tool for the casual user, not just the professional. It is worth the cost in time saved. Thanks for making such an efficient, quality tool.

  • David R.  Classic Furniture Restorations, Knoxville, TN

    To be honest I was slightly skeptical of all the rave review, but I’ll be darned this is one really nice tool. I was able to strip a lot of 20 windows in less than one hour of five coats of old crusted paint. They look great and the tool paid for itself in the first hour of work. Thanks!!

  • Conrad H., Roxbury, CT

    I want you to know I am very satisfied with your fine product as I don’t know how I could have tackled the job of restoring our 1807 Greek Revival farm house without it. Thanking you in advance.

  • Patricia T. Massachusetts

    Hi, About early July I came in and purchased a Paint Shaver Pro. Just wanted to let you know that I have been a poster child for your product. I can’t tell you how many contractors and homeowners have stopped by to see what I was using. I sound like a commercial when it comes to describing the joy of using this tool… It’s a really great tool, It pretty much sells itself. I am a woman with little patience, so this helped me to feel more encouraged to complete the job. If you ever consider selling your product on TV and need a promoter for the product, you can feel free to call on me, the product does not lie.

  • Will R. Oconto, WI

    I purchased my Paint Shaver last year to refinish my home. Contractors told me my siding was beyond repair and new siding was the only option. The paint was peeling and had a lot of weathered boards. At a cost of $12,000 plus I decided to try the Paint Shaver. WOW!!! This thing saved me a lot of money with a little work.

  • Dan G. Wrentham, MA

    Bought your Paint Shaver Pro package about a month ago, you folks said, If we didn’t like it, we could return it within a few days. NO WAY are you getting this back. Why I didn’t buy one of these before is beyond me. My wife is following behind me sanding and she can’t keep up with me! It almost gets to be a pain in the neck to keep moving the ladder; this thing takes the paint off so fast its like by the time you get up the ladder its time to come down and move it! GREAT PRODUCT

  • Sean M. Wauwatosa, WI

    Attached are images I took from my man lift, showing the phenomenal work done by your Paintshaver Pro! You should send me a yard sign and business cards, because several people drive by or walk by everyday and ask me how I did such a phenomenal job stripping my house so quickly and cleanly…BY MYSELF….in less than two months. As I’ve told you on the phone, the original 115 year old paint was still on the house and was hard as rock. Paintshaver Pro is the ONLY way it could have been removed. I can’t say enough about your product. I’ve planned this project for almost 9 years and my project is right on course using the Paint Shaver. Thanks Again

  • Brian J.  Littleton, MA

    It (The Paint Shaver) works very well; in most situations, it cuts my time in half. Hand scraping or grinding is to labor intensive or creates lead dust that is dangerous.

  • Charles M.

    I have an 84 year old house. A 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathroom colonial with clear cedar clapboard. I’ve lived there my whole life. I’ve been using the Paintshaver Pro to strip several layers of paint all at once. You’re probably tired of hearing how amazing the tool is. The only problem is that after trying every other method to do the work, using the Paintshaver is so satisfying that I find myself saying “Just a little more and I’ll call it a day” over and over again. It isn’t until the sun has started to set that I realize that I need to start sanding. Then I have the problem of how rewarding it is to just touch the wood with the sander to see this perfectly smooth, clean siding. Since cedar is one of my favorite smells, I’ll sand until I can barely see. 85+ year old cedar is so amazing that I feel like I’m restoring a large piece of furniture. Thanks for making such a wonderful tool.

  • Richard J.  University Heights, Ohio

    Best investment I have made in years. I have both the Paintshaver and sander, and have utilized both in stripping a 2 story 85 year old cedar shake house and garage. 85 years of paint remove and stripped down to bare wood. Hepa filtered vacuum was essential based upon the likelihood of lead based paint (a product of Cleveland Ohio) and n95 masks (respirators) but this was a major summer undertaking and results were the envy of the neighborhood (most want us to leave it natural as the cedar was taken down to original color and gorgeous). I have used this product to strip old stairs and made light work of floor paint and carpet adhesive. A tremendous set of tools.

  • Ty,   North Dakota

    Hi, I’ve been a building contractor for over 30 yrs. During this time I’ve had to totally strip a couple of houses with a heat gun (which I absolutely hate) and now I’m doing another one. Your “Paintshaver” is an amazing tool. In my experience, I would say it easily does the work of 3-4 people with a heat gun. We are completely stripping a 100 year old house with original cedar siding that has at least 4 coats of paint. The customers are thrilled; thank you.

  • Carl E.  Arkansas

    I bought the paint shaver pro about 10 years ago. I have used it to restore my 110 year-old 2-story house, which still had every layer of paint that was ever put on it. It was a mess. I have done one section at a time, in my spare time each summer, building scaffolding, the whole nine yards. Eaves that hang out three feet, 25 feet up. I got an extra set of the carbide blades. I am finishing the last section this year, using the last edge on the first (original) set of blades. The extras are still new in the box. This tool has made this previously impossible job possible. It hasn’t been easy, but it would have been impossible without the paint shaver. It is amazing that the blades have endured such punishment. I have hit MANY unexpected nails and other foreign objects, and this tool has come through every time. I have tested it like no one else has, I am sure I can’t say enough good about it. It is everything it claims to be and more. Thanks

  • Paul,  Florida

    Just wanted to comment on the Marineshaver.I am in the process of applying a Membrane Bottom to a 42 year old, 46′ Mahogany Planked Grand Banks Trawler. The membrane product required that the bottom be completely clean of all paints and sealers. (Ouch!) The boat yard quoted me $5500 and 5 days labor (two men) to get it done. They would not sand blast (EPA regulations) so sanders were required. After reading a few articles on Wooden Boat Forum…I decided to give the Marineshaver a try. Absolutely the best move I could have made. The project took me a total of 23 hours (61 year old with REALLY bad hips and al!) I used the carbon blades that came installed first, and got half the boat done before they were dull. I installed the diamond blade, and pretty much finished off the other half before it quit. (I noticed the diamond blades make smaller chips). The tool does take a little bit of getting used to (mostly in depth of cut adjustment) but in a half hour or so….your a pro. REALLY great product.

  • Samuel V.  Clifton, NJ

    I have been using the Paintshaver for two years now, it is a great tool. In the past, it would take me two weeks to strip a house. It now takes me three days. I highly recommend this tool and commend your company.