Paintshaver® Pro

There are several copy cat Paintshavers on the market. This is the original Paintshaver® manufactured in the USA in our family run factory. No other tool compares. Scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing and videos. 

Note: If you are outside the USA, the shipping that we charge does not include tariffs, duties and import taxes. Those are costs imposed by your Government. 

Whether you’re a Professional or a Do-It-Yourselfer, the Paintshaver® Pro is the fastest, cleanest, most economical tool for stripping all coatings (including lead paint) from clapboards, shingles, shakes, flat trim, flat windows, flat doors and all other flat wood, concrete, steel and fiberglass surfaces.

The Paintshaver® Pro uses a patented cutting head to cut the paint from the surface while collecting the stripped debris into a wet/dry or HEPA vacuum (vacuum sold separately).

The Paintshaver® Pro has a cutter diameter of 2.7″ and an adjustable depth of cut (adjustable from 0” to .100”) which in most cases will strip any thickness of paint in a single pass.

You can strip one square foot of paint in approximately 20-30 seconds.

The Paintshaver® Pro will strip the face and butt end of clapboards, shingles and shakes simultaneously.

The replaceable Tungsten Carbide Blades will strip up to 2,000 square feet of surface area on lead paint and up to 4,000 square feet on non-lead paint.

The replaceable Diamond Tipped Blades will strip up to 20,000 sq. feet on wood, up to 2000 sq. feet on fiberglass/gelcoat and up to 200 sq. feet on concrete and steel.

After stripping with the Paintshaver® Pro, the surface is left with a scuffed finish and needs to be sanded with our Orbital Sandervac™ or any orbital sander.

The New Double Handle Paintshaver® design reduces fatigue and is easier to use than the older Single Handle design. (Note: the head on the Double Handle Paintshaver® does not swivel  like the older Single handle version) 

The Paintshaver® Pro is available in three models. The 6 Amp is a light duty model and is recommended for lighter duty applications such as stripping lead, oil, and latex paint on jobs where hitting nails can be avoided and is not recommended for Professional use. The 9 Amp and 12 Amp models are designed for heavy duty applications such as heavy lead paint on older houses, concrete, fiberglass, metal surfaces and jobs where hitting nails is unavoidable. (NOTE: Before stripping, we recommend you try to set any nails below the surface if possible.) If you need help choosing the correct Paintshaver® model for your application, please call us at 800-932-5872 and we will assist you. The Paintshaver is available in 240 Volts. Click here for 240 Volt Paintshave Pro webpage.

6 Amp Paintshaver® Pro Specifications: 120 Volts, 12,000 RPM, 4.75 lbs., 2 Year Warranty

9 Amp Paintshaver® Pro Specifications: 120 Volts, Soft Start Motor with Anti-kickback Protection, 11,500 RPM, 5.5 lbs., 5 Year Warranty

12 Amp Paintshaver® Pro Specifications: 120 Volts, Soft Start Motor with Anti-kickback Protection, 11,500 RPM, 5.75 lbs., Lifetime Warranty.

Need 240 Volts? The Paintshaver ® Pro is available in 240 Volt models for countries outside North America that require it. Click the link below.

*** Click here for 240 Volt Paintshaver® Pro info and ordering ***

LEAD PAINT WARNING: When stripping lead paint, always use a HEPA vacuum and NEVER use any of our products on asbestos. Lead paint is dangerous, so is critical that you take steps to insure that lead dust and chips do not get into the soil, are contained within your work area and the area is cleaned up properly. Information on how to safely handle your lead paint project can be found at the EPA RRP website: is a link to a Youtube video showing work area containment practices:


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