Gelpeel™ Pro


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The New Gelpeel Pro can be used to strip gelcoat from fiberglass boats (for osmosis repair) and to remove layers of fiberglass for repairing sections of  damaged boats.

The Gelpeel Pro can be attached to a vacuum and will collect up to 90% of the stripped debris.

The Gelpeel Pro has an adjustable depth of cut ranging from 0 to .06″ (1.5 mm) per pass and will strip 1 square foot of gelcoat in about 20 seconds.

The cutting head is 2″ wide and has 4 indexable carbide blades which can be rotated 4 times to expose new cutting edges.

One set of carbide blades will strip up to 200 square feet of gelcoat.

The Gelpeel Pro weighs only 8 lbs which is half the weight of the competing Gelplane.

The two handles rotate 360 degrees to achieve the most ergonomically comfortable position depending on the particular job.

The Gelpeel Pro is less than half the cost of the competing Gelplane and has a Lifetime Warranty.

The Gelpeel is available in 120 Volt and 240 Volt models.

Note: If you need to strip wood boats, fiberglass power boats with strakes, aluminum, steel or concrete surfaces, visit our Marineshaver Pro webpage. 


  • Gelpeel™ gelcoat peeler and fiberglass repair tool

  • Gelpeel™ 2″ wide cutter head with indexable carbide inserts

  • Gelpeel™ Pro peeling the gelcoat off a sailboat

  • Gelcoat stripped down to the fiberglass substrate

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