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It is possible that certain credits in other academic areas than those offered by UW-Whitewater may be accepted on written call to the Office of the Assistant Director of Admissions. When reviewing complaints, the assistant director is advised with the relevant head of department to determine whether the content of the course is related to the principal or the demented and whether the granting of the credit is of proven educational value. If you know your intended main part, you can view an articulation agreement to see which courses, GPA and other requirements need to be concluded before the transfer. A articulation agreement is a signed document guaranteeing the transfer of a diploma or certification program from a Wisconsin technical college to a particular university major. All classes described in the articulation agreement must be completed. A partial transfer cannot be granted. UW-Whitewater has partnered with a number of other institutions that allow for an easy transfer of credits from one school to another, including in these areas: with the highest retention rate in the UW system, UW-Whitewater is one of the best colleges for transfer students in the state. To learn more about CLC`s Guaranteed Transfer Program, visit or call (847) 543-2090. CLC students can now choose from 30 institutions that offer guaranteed accreditation to ensure a smooth transfer of credits to four-year colleges and universities. For more information about UW-Whitewater, visit or contact Oberdeck at (262) 472-1440 or For more information on these transfer options, students should contact their advisors at The Wisconsin Technical College or the UW-Whitewater Admissions Office. Credits can be transferred to UW-Whitewater if the course runs in conjunction with the work offered by UW-Whitewater. All grades obtained in the course at the previous university are recorded in the student file.

When a course is identified as incomplete, it can be transferred to UW-Whitewater in the form of a subprime credit, if the grade acquired in the previous university course is recognized as a successful grade (D or better) and the courses are offered at UW-Whitewater.