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A man is morally free when he judges the world in full possession of his living humanity and judges other men with uncompromising sincerity. Anglophones borrowed “uncompromising” in the 19th century from Spanish years (“uncompromising”), even a combination of the well-known prefix in – (“no”) and “transigente” (“ready for compromise”). “Transigente” comes from the Spanish verb transigir (“to compromise”), which in turn comes from Latin (“achieving an agreement”). The French have a similar verb, “compromise,” which also means “compromise.” You may be wondering if the word compromise exists in English, and the answer is “not really.” It has seen occasional use, but it is not well established. However, there is another common English word that comes from the Latin transigere: Transact, which means “to lead (business)”. There are two ways to resist war: the missing legal path and the revolutionary path. The legal route includes the alternative service offer not as a privilege for a few, but as a right for all. The revolutionary vision implies uncompromising resistance to break the power of militarism in peacetime or the resources of the state in times of war. You are the architect of your own future, so design your future with uncompromising sincerity. Hopes that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his chief chancellor of the cattle association, Angela Merkel, will ultimately be intransigent are based on hopes. “has adopted an uncompromising attitude in peace talks”; “Uncompromising honesty” We all hope that our players would play their full role, give themselves completely and above all the uncompromising football that the fans appreciate and love. Spain`s intransigence, from the in-trade, participatory present of Transigir to compromise, moving from Latin compromise to an agreement – more in implementation The Angolan rebel organization UNITA accused the Angolan president on Monday of being “intransigent” in his propaganda attitude and the continuation of the war in the country.

Allow no compromise; Do not make ceasefires or concessions; obstinately; uncompromising; Unyielding, in-tran`si-jent, adj. Refuses to arrive at any understanding, irreconcilable. He now faces a difficult choice between what we consider to be his best interest, a path of peace — or a path best described as intransigent and aggressive. Don`t you mind having my help and not protecting yourself from these intransigent tribes? Neither Giovanni nor his wife were of the absolutely “intransigent” mentality. And why can Republicans be so intransigent and is Barack Obama accused? There is a respectable jeweler in the city who puts money for every compromising letter with a name on his foot. Johannesburg, Harel said, selling arms to an irreducible and reluctant “inflexible” willingness to negotiate or make concessions. But religions and ideologies are the opposite of flexibility and compromise. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published at the same time as… We have a responsibility to help on the difficult and intransigent issues that weigh on San Diegans and make them desperate.

If the agreement were to fail, “the rest of the world would regard Iran as intransigence, not us.” He gets angry, uncompromising, angry, scribbled notes; Chaz strikes determination with determination. In the debt vote, Hatch was firm, but not intransigent. Despite numerous appeals for clemency, the judge remained uncompromising, citing the strict rule of law. Thus, religion obtains a meaning and meaning that the most intransigent rationalist cannot misrepres lightly.