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To facilitate third-party services, Intuit may be asked to obtain your explicit consent to the disclosure and/or use of your data. By accepting these agreements and consents for third-party services, you authorize Intuit to use your information, including your name and address, and to transmit it to third parties in order to provide you with the third-party services you have chosen. For certain third-party services, we may file a request on your behalf in which we use your data to help you obtain a benefit provided by a third party. You acknowledge that Intuit does not determine whether you receive the benefit and that you are solely responsible for meeting the third party`s requirements and complying with applicable laws and regulations. You may be required to provide us with your account number, password, security questions and answers, and other necessary login information (“Login Data”). You hereby represent that you have the authority to provide the Login Data to Intuit and that you expressly designate as your or the third party who owns the Login Data, a representative with limited authority to access third party services on your behalf. You must provide accurate and accurate information. The general terms and conditions of sale of third parties are generally available on the third party`s website. However, the terms applicable to TRI`s defense subscriptions are available on the TurboTax website. Your participation in third-party services means that you accept these Terms and Conditions for such third-party services. If you connect to a third-party service that requires continuous access to your data and then you want us to no longer provide your information to those third parties, you must stop using the third-party services. If you sign up for the Refund Processing Service, which allows you to deduct certain applicable taxes and duties from the proceeds of your tax refund, you authorize Intuit (and its external) to debit those amounts (excluding refund fees) to the bank account you indicate as your direct deposit account if you do not receive a sufficient tax refund to pay.

That your tax refund be delayed. Note that the refund fee must be paid to the bank, that your refund is large enough to cover your TurboTax fees. You should evaluate all third-party services based on your own evaluation and verification of your terms and conditions of sale. You are the only person authorized to use your user ID and password and are responsible for the confidentiality of your user ID and password. You may not allow or authorize others to use your user ID and password. You are responsible for the use of the Services under your user ID. If you have not filed or printed your tax return electronically, you must create a user ID and password to access your tax return data at a later date. You need to memorize your user ID and password to electronically transfer your tax return information into next year`s tax return.

If you do not have your return by October 15, 2021, your tax return information will be deleted from our system. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Intuit and its associates from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees, that arise in any way from your use of the Site, the placement or transfer of messages, information, software or other materials through the Website by you or your account user or in connection with any breach of these Terms of Use by you or by your user. account. The Ninth Circuit Panel found that TurboTax`s terms of use were clearly visible when users registered on their website and that the terms contained a clause requiring dispute resolution through arbitration. . . .