Return / Rental Policy

Brand new merchandise that has not been used can be returned within 14 days for a refund, less shipping charges. Once a tool has been used, it is considered a rental. Refer to our rental policy below.

Rental Policy

To rent a Paintshaver®, Marineshaver®, Heat-n-Strip™ or Sandervac®, you must purchase it first (vacuums cannot be rented). After you use a tool and return it, you will receive a refund less the following charges:

1) The rental charge is $100 per day for each day you have the tool in your posession. There is a separate rental charge for each tool that you use. For example, if you buy the Combo kit and use both tools, you pay a $100 per day rental fee for each tool. The rental starts the day after you receive it and ends the day you ship it back. You will not be charged rental fees for the time the tool is in transit with the shipper. For example: If you receive a tool on Tuesday and ship it back on Thursday, the rental charge will total $200 ($100 for Wednesday and $100 for Thursday).

2) There is no usage charge for the set of carbide blades that comes on the Paintshaver, but you will be charged for any extra sets of carbide blades that you use. If you order a Marineshaver, there is a $199 charge for each set of Diamond blades that you use including the original set that comes with the tool.

3) You pay the shipping cost both ways.

4) You will be charged for repairs if a tool is returned damaged.

Note: Vacuums and Diamond blades cannot be returned once they have been used.