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The above list is not exhaustive; A court will consider many other factors in moving cases. For more information, see Florida Child Custody Statute 61.13. If you need help in a particular case of moving, contact a law firm for custody. Florida judges are no different from elsewhere, as they will always make their decision based on the best interests of the child. In addition, in his decision, the judge will take into account the impact of the move on the child`s relationship with family or friends in the area, on the impact of the move on the child`s mental, physical and emotional health and on the reasons for the move as well as the reasons for the contradiction. If custody or paternity proceedings have been filed beforehand, you will likely need to apply for relocation. Once an educational plan has been established in Florida, steps must be taken before moving with the child. Under Florida`s Child Custody Act, the move is any move that is more than 50 miles from the current residence. If the parents do not agree, the court must intervene to decide on the relocation. In such cases, it is essential to have a lawyer on duty by your side. App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0000-0099/0061/Sections/0061.514.html Under Florida`s Moving Act, the parent can: who wishes to move the minor child from their current residence, does so in two ways: moving their child out of the area or watching the other parent try to move is the next thing stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, the primary parent may need income from a job outside the sector. On the other hand, the abandoned parent will permanently negatively modify his parental relationship.

There are many factors for moving a child after divorce to Florida – and plenty of things to consider for both parents. Lawyer Kristal Knox meets certain requirements and also describes a particularly difficult situation for a parent. When the mother and father of a child agree on the move, it is usually not necessary to involve a family lawyer. However, if the father does not agree with the move, you need to go to court. If it is represented by law and you are not, you may be at a disadvantage. It`s best to get the advice of an experienced family law lawyer to make sure you`re engaging on an equal footing in the moving process. Divorce and custody in Florida can be a bit of a tricky procedure.