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“This is a very important agreement for Afghanistan. The opening of this corridor will help us to fully exploit our potential and give us a new trade route. It`s a whole new chapter. ” – Shaida Abdali, Afghan Ambassador to India, April 2016. [32] The moU was to build the Chabahar Zahedan Railway in the “transit and transport corridor in the trilateral agreement between India, Iran and Afghanistan. IRCON had committed to provide all services, construction and project funding (approximately $1.6 billion). In May 2016, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to Tehran to sign the Chabahar agreement with Iranian President Rohani and Afghan President Ghani, IRCON signed a protocol with the Iranian Ministry of Railways. The first trilateral meeting between India, Afghanistan and Iran of the Chabahar Agreement Coordinating Council took place in Tehran, the capital of Iran. India, Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement in May 2016 to establish a transit and transport corridor between three countries using the port of Chabahar as one of the regional hubs. Highlights of the meeting. The rail project, which was discussed between the Iranian Railways and the State Indian Railways Construction Ltd (IRCON), is expected to be part of India`s commitment to the trilateral agreement between India, Iran and Afghanistan to build an alternative trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Four years after India and Iran signed an agreement on the construction of a railway line between the port of Chabahar and Zahedan, on the border with Afghanistan, the Iranian government decided to continue construction itself by delaying India in financing and launching the project. [Independent commentator] 2.

It is easy to reach this port outside the Persian Gulf on the west coast of India. This port will reduce the cost and time of transport of Indian goods by one third. New Delhi, Jaiprakash Ranjan. Relations between the two countries had begun to be strained since India stopped buying Iranian oil under pressure from the United States. Iran responded by excluding India from the major Chabahar rail project in Jahedan. There are two reasons for India`s plight. On the one hand, India`s strategy of doing business through Afghanistan in Central Asian countries has suffered a serious setback. A new chapter of the friendship between India and Iran was written on Monday in Tehran.