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This reporting requirement does not apply to the importation of products for immediate or final consumption for public use or for use by a company, as noted above, which are not intended for resale or use in the manufacture of products for sale. A member informed the General Council that the import restrictive measures adopted for balance-of-payments purposes had been amended or amended, as well as any changes to the time frames for the lifting of the measures announced in paragraph 1. Substantial changes are communicated to the General Council before or no later than 30 days after they are announced. Each member makes a consolidated notification to the secretariat each year, including any changes to legislation, regulations, declarations of principle or public notices, for consideration by members. Communications include, where possible, comprehensive information at the tariff lines on the nature of the measures applied, the criteria used for their management, product coverage and trade flows. > Go to a basic statement of agreements … > … Or a more technical > Members of the list of abbreviations confirm their commitment to favour measures with the least disruptive effect on trade. These measures (called “price-based measures” in this agreement) include import increases, import deposits or any other equivalent trade measure affecting the price of imported products. Notwithstanding Article II, price-based measures taken for balance-of-payments purposes may be applied by a member who exceeds the tariffs on that member`s list. In addition, this member indicates the amount for which the price-based measure clearly and separately exceeds the related right, in accordance with the notification procedures of this agreement.

When an unlimited tariff concession is replaced by a tariff quota, the amount of compensation should be greater than the amount of trade actually affected by the concession amendment. The calculation of compensation should be based on the amount whose future business prospects exceed the quota level. It is considered that the calculation of future trading prospects should be based on a broader basis: to determine which members have a primary delivery interest (whether in paragraph 1 or paragraph 1 of Article XXVIII) or on a significant interest, only the trade of the product concerned, which took place on the basis of the MFN, is taken into account. However, trade in the product concerned, which took place within the framework of non-contractual preferences, is also taken into account when, at the time of negotiations on the modification or withdrawal of the concession, the trade in question no longer enjoys such preferential treatment and thus becomes the trade of the MFN, or if it does so at the end of those negotiations. Customs unions, free trade zones and interim agreements leading to the establishment of a customs union or free trade area in accordance with Article XXIV must, among other things, comply with paragraphs 5, 6, 7 and 8 of this article. Last year increased by 10 per cent. The assessment of the overall impact of tariffs and other trade regimes in force before and after the establishment of a customs union, in accordance with Article XXIV in paragraph 5 point (a) of the general impact of tariffs and other trade regimes, is based on an overall assessment of trade policy. average rates and tariffs collected.