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4.1.8 Other funding returns. No Grantor will suffer from the existence of a financing statement that mentions him as a debtor, or a part of the guarantee: who are in possession of this grantor, with the exception of a financing return approved pursuant to Section 4.1.4 or a financing statement that are authorized by the links covered by Section 6.02 of the credit contract (including , but not limited, to a third-party financing statement in connection with the sale or discounting of receivables pursuant to Section 6.02 of the credit agreement) 6.03(a) (v)) of the credit contract. Each Grantor recognizes that it does not have the authority to submit a funding statement or a declaration of amendment or termination of a funding statement filed under this agreement, without the prior written consent of the administrative officer (this consent is not disproportionately retained), subject to The privileges of Grantor153s provided by Section 9-509 (d) .2) UCC. 8.15. Full agreement. This security agreement contains the comprehensive agreement and agreement between the Grantors and the administrative officer with respect to guarantees and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the Grantors and the administrative officer with respect to guarantees. [Add a description of securities accounts or agreements with securities intermediaries, if any] in finished or other finished products, (ii) not obtain the consent of a third party to have access to collateral to be surrendered or, unless other laws provide for, the agreement of the government or a third party for the collection or provision of security to be collected or transferred to or from the , if this is not necessary, obtain the consent of the government or a third party to collect or eliminate forfeiture or ordering of security, unless otherwise stated. ( iii) not to exercise collection funds against account debtors or other persons held on security, or to withdraw links on or against security, (iv) the means of recovery of debtors and others, directly or through the use of collection agencies and other collection agents, (v) to advertise, through publications or media , collateral orders, whether security is specialized or not, vi) other persons, whether or not they perform the same activity as this warranty, for expressions of interest that wish to acquire all or part of these guarantees, (vii) recruit one or more professional censors to assist in the provision of guarantees, whether or not the guarantees are of a specialized nature. , viii) dispose of collaterales using websites that provide for the auctioning of assets of the types of security or which have the appropriate capacity, or buyers and sellers of assets, ix) have assets in the wholesale trade and not in the retail markets, (x) to refuse guarantees such as title, holding or tacit enjoyment , (xi) to insure the management officer against losses, receipts or disposals of collateral or to ensure the administrative officer a guaranteed return on collection or collateral order or (xii) in the extent that the administrative officer deems appropriate to obtain the services of other brokers, investment bankers, consultants and other professionals, in order to assist the administrative officer in collecting or providing any of the guarantees.

Each grantor recognizes that the purpose of this section 8.2 is to provide non-exhaustive information on the administrative officer`s acts or omissions that would be economically viable in the exercise of remedies against safeguards by the administrative officer and that other acts or omissions of the administrative officer are not considered economically unsustainable solely because of the non-registration in this section 8.2.